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Trade shows
Below is a list of trade shows that we will participate in.

October 28(FRI) - October 29(SAT) » 2011 Kyusyu Apparel Machine Show
October 7(FRI) - October 8(SAT) » 2011 50th FISMA TOKYO
February 18(RFI) - February 19(SAT) » Osaka Sewing Machine Show and Hands Festival

December 10(FRI) - December 10(SAT) » 2010 Kyusyu Apparel Machine Show
October 14(THU) - October 15(FRI) » 2010 49th FISMA TOKYO
July 10(SAT) - July 11(SUN) » Shinryo Apparel Machine Show
June 12(SAT) - June 13(SUN) » 2010 34th Touhoku Sewing Machine Show Touhoku Apparel Industrial Exhibition
June 3(THU) - June 4(FRI) » Nissen gyoda office Personal exhibition

Decembe 2(WED) - Decembe 3(THU) » 48th FISMA TOKYO